Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

Cookies play a fundamental role in enhancing user experience on the web, and is no exception. In compliance with the EU cookie law, which aims to bolster online security and data privacy, our website uses cookies solely for analytics purposes.

2. EU Cookie Law

The EU cookie law mandates websites to be transparent about their use of cookies, striving for enhanced data privacy and online security. Websites are required to acquire users’ consent, allowing them to ‘opt-in’, after informing them how cookies contribute to their browsing experience. This regulation is applicable not only to EU-based websites but also to non-EU websites targeting EU visitors.

3. Understanding Cookies

Cookies are minute text files stored on your device by websites to foster a more reliable and user-friendly experience. While cookies don’t hold information to personally identify a user, they do contain data that assists websites in improving user interactions and overall website performance.

4. Utility of Cookies

Cookies come with numerous functionalities, enhancing your browsing experience in various ways, such as:

  • Facilitating websites to remember your device, preventing repetitive data input during a single task.
  • Saving usernames and passwords, eliminating the need to re-enter them for each webpage requiring login credentials.
  • Allowing personal display preferences, like text size, enabling websites to remember these preferences for subsequent visits.

These utilities aim to make your online experiences as smooth and personalised as possible.

5. Our Application of Cookies

At, our use of cookies is exclusively aligned with analytics. The analytics cookies help us understand user interaction with our website, allowing us to optimise and improve the user experience continually. Your consent will be sought for the utilisation of such cookies, ensuring compliance with legal requisites and respect for user preferences.

6. Consent for Cookies

By using our website, you will be informed about our use of cookies and will have the option to ‘opt-in’, giving you control over your online experience and data privacy.

Feel free to contact us for any further clarification or information regarding our cookie policy. We are committed to ensuring a transparent and user-oriented browsing environment at